Animal activists allege animal abuse at Atlanta horse-drawn carriage company

Animal activists allege animal abuse at Atlanta horse-drawn carriage company

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Animal rights activists are raising a red flag over conditions at a popular carriage ride facility.

Julie Robertson, vice president of Georgia Animal Rights and Protection, said she repeatedly witnessed inhumane conditions at All Around Carriages in Atlanta. She began documenting the conditions in February 2022, after a concerned citizen alerted the group to poor living conditions.

“I want people to know what conditions these horses are kept in,” Robertson explained.

Video clips shared with CBS46 show horses in small, muddy paddocks. A Marta viaduct offers animals some protection from the driving rain.

“They were looking at me like, ‘do something,'” Robertson said. “There were five horses in a row of dirty little urine and mud soaked with homeless excrement.”

Robertson believes these conditions pose health concerns and violate up to nine city ordinances.

“They are in this dirty, dirty ground. It causes bacteria in the hooves and causes abscesses, which makes it very painful,” she explained.

Business owner Mr. Phillips told CBS46 he was being unfairly targeted.

“These horses are big and nice,” Phillips said. “They are fed, we have shelters if we need to put them. You have all the food and water there.”

Phillips said he passed multiple inspections by the Department of Agriculture and the Atlanta police.

Email correspondence between Robertson and Atlanta Mounted Patrol confirmed that the company had passed an inspection earlier in 2022. The investigation concluded that All Around Carriages did not break any laws and that the health of the horses did not was not in danger.

Phillips said inspectors are welcome on his property and are keen on the status of his facility.

Robertson questioned whether the inspections were properly conducted and said she contacted several city council members regarding the conditions of the facility.

“There is no code enforcement, and I think the Atlanta City Council should consider banning carriage horses,” she said.

Robertson cited the following ordinances in Division 7 Sec. 162-159 when referring to violations by All Around Carriages.

  • (c) Bedding in stalls and stables should be highly absorbent and comfortable, if in direct contact with the equine, and should be provided as follows:
    • (1) Bedding should be thick enough to adequately absorb moisture.
    • (2) Bedding so used must not be of a type which will in any way harm or interfere with the equine animal.
    • (3) Bedding should be deep enough to provide adequate cushion and support.
    • (4) Surfaces, including floors with bedding, should be free of odors and litter and should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • (d) Stalls and stables should be structurally sound and maintained in good condition to protect the equine from injury and to contain it.
  • (e) Stalls and stable floors or surfaces shall be so constructed and maintained as to protect the feet and limbs of the equine from injury.
  • (f) Stalls and stables should be constructed and maintained in such a way as to enable equines to remain dry and clean.
  • (g) Stalls and stables must be constructed and maintained in such a way that the equine animals therein have easy access to feed and water, and such feed and water must be free from contamination.
  • (i) Stalls and stables should be kept hygienic and periodically cleaned to remove faeces and other waste, including rubbish and dirt, to minimize the risk of disease and reduce smells. Such disposal should follow guidelines established by city and state health regulations.