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While in V Rising, you likely came across a horse and formed a bond, only to find out later that it perished on your watch. If so, you’d be easily forgiven because V Rising doesn’t explain that horses need basic healing to survive. In this comprehensive horse guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding horses, caring for and taming horses, along with a map that details the location of all horses in V Rising.

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How to Find All Horse Locations in V Rising

In total, there are 16 known areas where horses are guaranteed to spawn. Our custom map above shows the location of all horse spawns in Silverlight Hills and Dunley Farmlands, which happen to be the only areas where horses can be found in V Rising. The locations listed above include:

  • Army outposts
  • Dunley Log Mill
  • cotton farms
  • Hippodrome
  • Militia camps
  • dawn village

Horse guide: how to take care of horses and keep them alive

Luckily, taking care of the horses in V Rising is pretty straightforward, as all you have to do to keep them alive is to make sure they’re always hydrated with canteens full of water.

How to get and craft canteens

To get Canteens, you will first need to earn the recipe by defeating Keely the Forst Archer. Once Keely is defeated, you can craft empty canteens at the Tannery using Plant Fiber and Leather. You can also craft them in your own character inventory when using the crafting menu, as well as at an alchemy table. We recommend crafting 6 empty canteens as this is the maximum number horses can store.

After the Canteens are crafted, approach a water source such as a river, lake, well, or fountain and use them on the water. Now that you have filled the canteen, near the horse press Tab to enter its inventory menu and transfer the canteens filled with water to keep them hydrated and alive. It is important to note that a horse’s inventory is only accessible after it has been ridden and essentially claimed as your own.

Once the inventory is complete, it is recommended to check every few hours to make sure the horse still has water available.

How to select the best horse

There’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to selecting a horse, because its color shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. When you interact with a horse and access its inventory screen, you will learn that they each have their own individual stats including: top speed, acceleration, and run rate. While you won’t always find drastic stat changes between each horse, it’s always worth checking your options when given the choice to be selective.


Now when it comes to taming horses, all you have to do is ride them and they’ll automatically bond to your character and won’t stray from where you last left them. time. As long as the horse has water and isn’t stolen by another player, it will stay where you left it.

Quick tips and tricks for using horses

  • Struggling to gather enough resources to progress? Look for workers to feed on their blood, as you will have the ability to produce up to 10%-30% more resources with that blood type. Additionally, you will also gain 15%-25% more damage against resource items, 10% to 20% mount canter speed when mountedand a small 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and unleash a burst of speed.
  • While using Dominating Presence to charm unsuspecting humans, you may run into the hassle of getting them back to your castle in a timely manner, as well as the added stress of having to avoid dangers lurking on the roads. If you’ve charmed humans away from your castle, try to find a horse. These four-legged friends will get you back to your base quickly and don’t worry about losing your charmed humans as they will increase their standard walking speed to match your pace.
  • Fancy a race? Take your horse to the racecourse in the Dunley Farmlands area and race your friends on the somewhat challenging track.

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