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Devon, Pennsylvania—May 31

With Jimmy Torano wrapping his arm around hers and taking her hand, Cassandra Kahle walked into the Dixon Oval beaming on Tuesday morning. She hadn’t set foot on any show grounds since suffering a traumatic brain injury in a fall in January at HITS Ocala (Florida) – but she made her way back to Devon to watch the Redfield horses Farm as Corragio enter center ring.

“It’s good [to be back]“, said Kahle. “I love it. Back in the good mood and opportunity to watch. It’s my favorite show.”

Kahle introduced Corragio, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood stallion (Conthargos—Conie), to the hunter ring in 2020 after Emil Spadone imported him. And from there, she guided him every step of his way up the ranks to compete in the 3’6″ Green Hunters. But when the brain injury left her learning to walk and talk again, friends in the industry stepped in to help him in any way they could, and one of those friends was Hunt Tosh, who took over the reins of the blingy chestnut stallion.

Cassandra Kahle joined Hunt Tosh for the Corragio presentation in Devon. Photos

“He’s been in the country for a few years,” Kahle said. “Hunt started riding him in Florida this year, and this is his first year in 3’6,” obviously. He’s pretty special and does a great job, so it’s always fun to watch.

“She’s very humble,” Torano interjected. “She won it all over him before she left him [Hunt] take over the reins. Don’t let her fool you.

Tosh hadn’t ridden Corragio since the HITS Ocala circuit ended. But a first and second yesterday in the 3’6″ greens, paired with a third Tuesday in the stake class, earned the team a reserve championship tricolor.

Redfield Farm’s Corragio won the Reserve Championship title in the 3’6″ Green Hunters with Hunt Tosh up.

“Obviously Cassie had the winter she had; I was blessed to be able to ride a horse, which is such a great honor to be able to ride your horse,” he said. “So to have her here today is even more special. I haven’t seen Cassie in person since this winter, so to be able to do that, show in front of her, it was amazing.

Tosh had to settle for sending him pictures when the stallion made his last derby in Florida, he said – having him there in person was a big improvement.

“I was excited that she got to watch. He turned out beautiful,” he said. Florida – and that’s why I called Emil about a week ago and I was like, ‘Do we need to do anything?’ and he was like, ‘Show up. He’ll be ready But he was right, and I won first class in the ring.

Cassandra Kahle, right, made her return to horse show business in Devon, Pa., where she joined, from right, Hunt Tosh, Erin Carey and Jimmy Torano in the Dixon Oval for the Corragio awards show

With Torano, Tosh and Erin Carey entering the ring with her, Kahle posed in front of the committee stand with a tricolor on the forehead of her charge. And, she hopes, she’ll be the one riding for future award shows.

“[I’m planning to] go through therapy and hopefully continue in the right direction,” she said. “I’m counting the days until I can get back in the saddle, but we’ll see.”

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