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Birds Barbershop operates nine salons in the Austin, TX area and plans to add another this year. But that’s not the only growth it’s undergoing.

The company currently sees around 20,000 customers per month across all of its locations. “We see men, women, children, people with long hair, with short hair. Everyone is invited to the party at Birds”, explains Jayson Rapaport, its co-founder. “We are still growing.”

Birds prides itself on its quality, its experienced staff and the experience it provides to its customers, Rapaport says. “Our locations are located in neighborhoods. Each store has a different look to fit the neighborhood we are in. A large franchised group has a simpler appearance.

Birds complements its haircuts and stylists with local art on its walls, arcade games, music, and even cold Independence beer. It has been named one of America’s Top 100 Salons eight times in a row by ELLE MagazineNo. 1 since its creation by The Austin Chronicleand one of the nation’s 5,000 fastest-growing small businesses nine times a year. Inc.

As it has with other service businesses, COVID-19 took its toll on Birds Barbershop in 2020, with all locations closed for three months and traffic returning cautiously thereafter.

To address some of the restrictions that remained once lounges reopened, the company sought a solution for contactless customer interactions for booking, check-in/check-out and payments. He ultimately chose Zenoti Software, an all-in-one, cloud-based management platform for spas and salons. As a result, online bookings increased by 60%.

Building on this success, Birds Barbershop turned to Zenoti again a year later for a complete CRM solution.

Companies like Birds don’t have the marketing staff or expertise to perform A/B testing for different marketing strategies, but they also don’t need a CRM solution with lots of bells and whistles, explains Rapaport. “We didn’t need anything too sturdy, just something simple and effective.”

Birds used Constant Contact, but lacked the automation capabilities that are part of Zenoti Marketing & Sales. ” Not only [Zenoti] automate marketing interactions, it also automated things like newsletters. The return on cost was something like 20 times, so that was really a no-brainer,” Rapaport says.

Zenoti “was really impactful. Hair salons and hair salons, even on our scale, are fragmented and small. I don’t have a CTO; there is no data scientist working for me.

Birds executives meet monthly with Zenoti’s customer representative to determine the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns and any adjustments that may be needed. The solution also performs automated analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and advertisements so that Rapaport and other business leaders can see what is working and what is not.

“On the front end, it does what any CRM should do, but it does it very well,” Rapaport says. “A lot of customers come in and out of the business. It is important to ensure good communication with my clients. That’s what it does.

Zenoti also aggregates customer data, showing Birds where it can find the most value and identifying opportunities, “very important in a customer-facing business like mine,” Rapaport says. “It groups our customers and places them in different cohort segments, and our customers respond.”

Birds uses Zenoti’s solution to deliver loyalty offers for birthdays, anniversaries, and more, rare promotions in the industry, according to Rapaport. “It’s more thoughtful when we have personalized campaigns for each individual, each group we’re trying to target.”

A dashboard provides a quick picture of conversion rates, campaign revenue, and other relevant information.

Through automated marketing outreach to customers who have ceased to patronize the business, Zenoti’s platform helped Birds raise $9,000 in incremental sales through cross-selling and related activities.

“It’s really important to us,” Rapaport says. “It’s a remarkable solution that works very well for us. It was a big revenue generator.


Since adding Zenoti Marketing & Sales, Birds Barbershop has seen the following results:

  • additional income of $9,000;
  • 1,228 customers recovered; and
  • a return on investment estimated at 20 times.
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